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The way for traditional enterprises to break through: ERA (China) group makes


In the Pearl River Delta region, there are many very traditional enterprises, the main business is "OEM". ERA (China) group, a functional food production enterprise established by Japan in 2002 according to Japanese standards, is a typical representative.
The so-called "OEM" means to produce on behalf of the client. The manufacturer manufactures the required products on behalf of the client according to the demand of the client. Traditional "OEM" has two modes, one is OEM, the other is ODM. What's the difference between the two? In short, a commodity to the hands of consumers roughly through research and development (Design), production, sales several links. OEM means that the client provides the design scheme and formula of the product, and the manufacturer produces the finished product according to the requirements; ODM means that the manufacturer provides the client with the OEM mode from R & D, design to production and output of the finished product. The biggest difference between the two is that OEM factories only carry out OEM production, and the R & D (Design) and sales are completed by the consignor; while ODM manufacturers complete the R & D (Design) and production by themselves, and the consignor can sell directly under the brand.
Pain points of traditional OEM Enterprises
Traditional OEM enterprises focus on manufacturing and production; they don't work hard on product R & D and innovation, and they don't provide forward-looking market research and after-sales service for the consumer market. Most of the investment of enterprises is used for Capacity Upgrading and transformation, and there is little investment in basic R & D. The result of this is to be in a passive and lagging position in the market. As a big manufacturing country, China is a small brand country. According to statistics, there are more than 1000 products in the international market, which occupy the first place, but few Chinese brands rank the first.
Both soft and hard strength are the two magic weapons of OEM enterprises
Mr. Jiang Zegen, chairman and President of ERA (China) group, is a leading OEM enterprise of ODM for health drinks. He takes the lead in advocating "OEM with brand mode".

ERA (China) group, as a big health drink enterprise with 18 years of professional OEM, has strict and high standard Japanese manufacturing gene. After the adjustment of shareholder structure and business ideas after 2010, it is now superior to others in the field of domestic functional food ODM OEM. The reason is that they do OEM in the mode of brand and provide nanny service to the brand side.

How to make a brand for OEM enterprises? Mr. Jiang Zegen believes that we should gather our own core technology and core competence to continuously improve the market and customers' recognition and trust of the enterprise. So, that's it Why do we all know how to make high-end functional drinks in the market now, and we must go to the ERA?
ERA (China) group has been actively integrating global resources and continuously upgrading its quality and safety management system. The company has international strategic cooperative production lines and suppliers, and has a number of automatic production lines. As a national high-tech enterprise and Shenzhen high-tech enterprise, the company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO22000 safety management system certification and HACCP system certification At the end of 2019, it was rated as "Guangdong academician and expert (enterprise) workstation" by Guangdong Science Association, and at the beginning of 2020, it was awarded "Guangdong food and nutrition engineering technology research center"; with GMP standard 100000 aseptic production workshop, it pays attention to the application and certification of formula and process, implements the whole process quality management, and passes the high standard and strict requirements of hardware and software Support has laid the foundation for the take-off of the ERA.

Innovation is the decisive field for OEM enterprises in the future
High quality standard is only the foundation of manufacturing enterprises, and the innovation ability to lead the market is the key to success. Since 2010, the annual R & D expenditure of ERA (China) group has exceeded 10% of the company's revenue, which is very rare or even unique for OEM manufacturing enterprises. ERA (China) group has advanced product development and innovation mode: it employs Professor Liu Ruihai of Cornell University as the chief scientist, establishes a joint experimental studio, and cooperates with scientific research teams of top universities at home and abroad to participate in product development and cooperation. At present, it has cooperated with more than 30 food professional projects of top universities at home and abroad; it has successively held international health science and technology international forums, which will The latest scientific research achievements of domestic and foreign experts are transformed and applied to new products. The first International Forum on health science and technology of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District, held in Shenzhen in October 2019, is attended by more than 100 experts, professors and five academicians from relevant scientific research institutions at home and abroad. The multi member R & D team led by product R & D engineers ensures the update of technology and old formula with a rigorous, realistic and innovative attitude We should research and master market information at any time, apply the latest R & D achievements to the development of OEM products to meet the ever-changing market needs; we should use the craftsman spirit of brand to create personalized products that are needed by the brand and the market.
TheERA regularly and innovatively launched new products to drive the development of oral liquid market, from collagen oral liquid to bird's nest collagen peptide oral liquid, and then from gamma aminobutyric acid oral liquid to the next main red ginseng donkey hide gelatin drink, all of which drive a trend and trend in the industry.
Brand mode OEM, the key to success of OEM Enterprises
As a fashionable and trendy health drink OEM enterprise, the ERA has built the factory into a strong brand in the big health oral liquid OEM industry, and has formed a good reputation in the market. The products are born strong from the ERA. In addition to paying attention to the endorsement of soft and hard strength for the brand side, the ERA has also made great efforts to provide nanny like service for the brand side, and become an ODM factory that understands marketing and the deep needs of marketing. The work done in this era is not only responsible for the division of production, but also for the work that brand enterprises need to do, mainly in "consumer demand research market analysis product research and development global collection of raw materials creative design product design production and manufacturing warehousing and logistics publicity and sales marketing planning product brand endorsement after-sales training service high quality after-sales service" "Diligent service" and other major aspects of the whole process empowerment, era as a well-known brand operation of the processing plant, let the brand and era cooperation, without any worries. Personalized positioning of product preferences of target users to produce user driven products. Using a variety of big data to customize and develop products, so that each product can focus more on customers, and carry out personalized precision marketing. Under the guidance of lean thinking, build a comprehensive lean operation system from R & D, design, production to logistics services.
ERA (China) group has been engaged in the OEM production of big health drinks for 18 years. It has continuously optimized and built its own core competitiveness. By doing OEM in the mode of brand, it has achieved continuous hot products in the market and served many well-known big brands at home and abroad. ERA will continue to improve the OEM mode in the way of operating brand, and build ERA into a world-renowned international brand Health products OEM enterprise group!

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